Brand Consumer Data Asset
Management Center


3 Pillars

Real-time connection of all digital
dots and integration of online &
offline consumer data

Full visibility and insights of
consumer path to purchase & deep
dive analyses of consumer
personas and attributes

Application of analytics across
multiple channels so we can help
our clients turn opportunities into
real results


5 Core Values

  • I.   Full Visibility to Consumer Path to Purchase
  • II.  360 Degree Consumer Persona
  • III. Cross-Channel Marketing & Data Activation
  • IV. Omni Channel Data Integration
  • V.  Continuous Build-up of Consumer Assets

9 Applications

Full Consumer Path to Purchase

  • 1 / Identify & acquire high-value consumers
  • 2 / Drive conversion and build consumer loyalty
  • 3 / Reactivate & regain dormant and/or lost consumers

Cross-Channel & Cross-Device

  • 4 / Retargeting after large-scale marketing campaigns or demand generation
  • 5 / Test and improve digital content and quality of engaged consumers
  • 6 / Retarget at potential consumers from 3rd party channels
  • 7 / Personalized targeting and synchronization between ads and store landing pages

Omni Channel

  • 8 / Activate and engage consumers across online & offline channels
  • 9 / Create and deliver consistent consumer experience

Miki House

Since Janunary 2018, we had started using Data Bank to analyze data and build insights around the brand’s potential and existing customers, and craft and carry out tailored marketing campaigns to people at different stages throughout their path to purchase – Awareness, Interest, Purchase & Loyalty. Campaigns consistently delivered positive results and more data, which enabled us to compare different approaches and see which tactics was best performing. We made changes, fine-tuned details, re-tested, and analyzed more. By Singles' Day 2018, 10 months later, we've seen:

+118%   Total new, retained and reactivated customers
+182%   Clicks from people who are aware of or have shown interest in the brand
+150%   Favorite or carting
+70%     Purchase

There is a large number of
untouched potential
customers throughout Tmall
platform that Miki House can
reach to. Prospects who are
aware of or have shown
interests in the brand
account for a much higher
percentage than those who
have purchased once or
multiple times. The brand
would like to effectively
reach out to prospect
customers while improving
overall conversion.

Solutions We focused our analyses, approach and
solutions on People, Product & Place.

Leveraged Data Bank to segment and analyze potential and existing
customers based on 4 groups – Awareness (A), Interest (I),
Purchase (P), Loyalty (L) (repeat purchase).

Built and analyzed key attributes such as demographics,
consumption power & history, purchase frequency,
preferred content, contributing touch points, etc.
Prospect and existing customers were further segmented at
each stage, all the while identifying opportunities and developing
relevant marketing plans for each group.

Analyzed top selling products that had successfully helped attract
and retain customers, and made sure they would appear at the right
place with proper inventory planning.

Developed cross-channel & cross-device marketing strategies and
plans, created relevant contents and creative assets, and carried
out campaigns both online and offline throughout Ali Ecosystems.


Total new, retained and reactivated consumers increased
118% with majority in I, P & L groups (mid & lower funnel)

Clicks from people who are aware of or have shown interest in the brand went up by 182%

150% more people saved or added products to cart,
which are critical indicators of higher conversion possibility

Purchase conversion increased 71%.